64 pdr RML circa 1870

This 64pdr rifled muzzle loading gun, Serial No:414, on its original carriage and platform, was made at the Royal Gun Factory Woolwich (RGF) in 1871 and taken to Ascension Island but was never mounted there but lay there for about 100 years.
It was given by the island to Mr Edward Sloan in return for work he had carried out on improvements to the island. He installed it at his home in South Carolina in the 1960s.
We bought it from him in the 1990s and restored it back to its original livery.
This work has taken about 10 years to complete and as can be seen, it now looks magnificent.
This is the only Woolwich Infant on sale in the world today.
It weighs in total approx 12 ton.
The 3 groove rifling is in perfect order.
Some parts of the elevation gear have been replaced so it is now in perfect working order.
The sights have been made to the original drawings, other than this the gun and carriage are all original.

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