Mk2 Blank firing Sten UK Legal VCR Compliant

This Sten Mk 2 is identical to the original classic design.
It fires a 9mmx 19 Blank which would facilitate the use of an original magazine.
These have been Scratch built in accordance with the 1982 firearms act and can not be readily converted into a live firearm.
These have been sent to forensic testing on 3 separate occasions by various authorities.and have been proved in the courts to be lawful.
The Home Office policy is that they should vent just forward of the chamber, at an angle of not less than 45 degrees.
This is not law but guidance and policy, these vent at the muzzle at the required angle.
Due to case law which now prohibits forward discharge of blanks which could facilitate a noxious substance or irritant, (in the same manner as your section 2 shotgun. I know,  I don't make the laws!)
It has selective fire as demonstrated in this short video clip As you will see these are ideal for re-enactment, and film use.
They are controlled under the VCR Act Section 2 realistic imitation firearms, so you will have to provide us with insurance details and exemption requirements.
As described above if you require insurance. this can be obtained via the Shooters Rights Association.
Click "Visit Website" to see the Sten Gun video.

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